Cole Motor Car Company
Indianapolis, Indiana
1909 – 1924

Joseph J. Cole established the Cole Carriage Company in December, 1905, and produced horse-drawn carriages. In 1908, Cole built an experimental motor buggy that used many carriage components. A 4-cylinder touring car design was developed and in July, 1909, the Cole Motor Car Company was formed and horse-drawn carriage manufacturing ended. These 4-cylinder cars were joined by a 6-cylinder model in 1913, and a V-8 engine in 1915. The V-8´s became so popular that it was the only model offered after 1917.

In 1919, Cole sales in the luxury field were surpassed only by Cadillac, but after 1921, Cole encountered a rough period. A proposal to merge with other auto firms collapsed and Cole was confronted with a decision to mass-produce cars or go out of business. Cole decided to quit and his last car left the factory in October, 1924. J.J. Cole died in 1925.

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